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The best productivity apps you can use.

There are so many apps that let you think that you are more productive, But only a few actually helps.

There are a few productivity categories.
– Todo apps
– Habit apps
– Tracking apps

First we are going to dive in todo apps.
My favorite todo app is an app called todoist. It is really simple and it has a really clean interface. You can give priority’s to your tasks, cut big tasks into little tasks. The best thing about this app is that it has a web app as well.

Apart from this app, you have as well the app Wunderlist. With Wunderlist you can make lists of tasks and share them with other people. (also todoist can do that, but with Wunderlist it is way easier.)

Second the habit apps.

I have only found one app that really helps me with my habits, and that is Habatica. It is a habit RPG, it sound weird. but it really helps. You can add habits that you want to do. and every time when you complete a habit, you get some experience points. And with those experience points you can upgrade your character, and do fun things with it. Because this app gives you a reward if you successfully completed a habit, it gives you a satisfied feeling.

And third Tracking apps.

My favorite tracking app is Human, it is an activity tracker app. So it tracks your activity and compares it with people in your city. (by a leaderboard)
It also gives you notifications when you are under the 30 min activity per day mark.

That are all the productivity apps I use.