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Players and spectators.

Lots of people are just the spectators of life. they watch football, reading articles and watching television. But they never execute.

Image saying "Spectators / Players".

In life their are 2 kinds of people (actually 3).
The spectators are people who are just wanting to live their life, go to work and have fun. without chasing their goals or dreams. Most of them are in the middle class of our society and live a average life, they just don’t want to put the work in to be one of the players.

And then you have the players, the executers i like to call them. They are trying to be the people that most people watch. the football player, the actor in a movie, the article writer. the majority of their time they are just executing.

There are also the people that are the ‘inbetweeners’, they are trying to execute but they fail. they don’t have a focus or motivation to execute most of the they. But they are trying to, they want to be the executers. I really think that eventually they will become a executer but it will take time.

The positives and negatives.
The positive of being a spectator is that people fine with what you do. You got enough money to live a normal life, but not a super life. Majority of the people will see you as a person who just want to live their normal life. It is also easier to be a spectator, it doesn’t take a big amount of energy todo be that.

When you are a play (a executer) the majority of the people will think that you are some kind of a jackass or something like that. but when you are successful then people think you are just lucky, just one of the few. The majority don’t seems to see you work that you put in, that extra hour of work. they only see you win.

What do you want to be?
Personally i want to be a executer, everything i do is planned about my goals. But also i understand why most of the people are just the spectator, because its just easier. You can live a happy life while you are a spectator. But i think you can live a better life if you are a executer in something that you love.

Thank you very much for reading!
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