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Snapchats new interface.

Yes! since today, Snapchat got their new interface.

Image of snapchat stories screen.

What are the benefits with their new interface.
Well first of all, for new users it is for more easier to start! They got some new logos that tells you the way. You have the messages button in the left corner, that takes you to the messages. then you have the round button, you can make a photo or video with that. and now you got also 3 dots, that takes you to your stories. With this update to story part of the app is totally different.

The stories part.
previously you got the stories with all your snaps of your friends, and on top some payed stories, with this update that changed completely.
In the first row you get the payed snaps of various companies. they also aren’t round anymore, but they are square. so they fill up a big part of your screen.
In the second row you will see your recent updates of you friends, these are still the same proportions. but under there you see again a row of payed live stories, the difference is these stories are most of the time events, and they are still uploading snaps to these stories. And from there you see your normal activity feed.

Image of the new Discover screen.


How can we take advantage of this new snapchat update?


The main advantage of this update for marketers is of course the payed stories and the live stories. Especially the live stories, because they get a lot more attention right now. So by example, if you have a big event like a marathon. you can post snaps to the live stories, and other people can do it as well (of course with your permission). By doing this you will get a lot more traction by your younger target audience.

Thanks for reading, it really means a lot to me! 😉

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